Good/Bad Portraits and Landscape

We were asked to choose two photographs, one which was relatively ‘bad’ and one being a good photograph. The photographs I chose were both the same images, yet one was technically unacceptable. I took the photographs when it was snowing, therefore I had to take into account the atmosphere around myself in order to change the manual settings. I initially wanted to capture these beautiful tree branches with the snow gently falling around them.

Below the ‘bad’ example of the photograph I took.

As you can see, the photograph captured the snow, yet had a very slow shutter speed. Therefore, this slowly captured the snow flakes falling down. This which resulted in a blurry/shaken look, which I did not want.


Example of my ‘Bad’ photograph

Therefore, in order to capture the snow, I decided to make the shutter sped faster. As a result, the snow flakes appropriately were captured, still showing their movement, but in a clean and crisp perspective.


Example of my ‘good’ photograph


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