Snow Shoot

I decided to do my photo shoot on the snow in my garden. I took all the subjects around me and made them to use. For example, the nail in the shed had formed an icicle in which I decided to do a micro shot. The sharpness and cold ambience was definitely perpetuated through the image.I also took photographs of the snow easing above branches, which again I placed on the edge. This made them look as if they were coming into the image, rather than being placed in the centre.

After looking through the gallery I noticed that a few of my images were quite over-exposed. Thus the snow being bright white against more snow, taking away the quench of the image. Therefore, if I was to take photographs in the snow again in the future, I would probably frame the image as if the background is darker, enabling the white snow to stand out in the foreground.

As well as the framing, I noticed that a few images were quite blurry, this could have been due to the slower shutter speed and no tripod. Having said that, I thought some of the macro shots came across as bold and heightened the essence of season. This which was my aim, in order to create a snow shoot to enhance the cold ambience and idea of sharpness and snow falling and gently placing itself.

Editors note: All images are copyright protected, please contact me for permission.


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