Composition and Framing

Composition and framing are two significant words to do with ‘Photography’. Composition can be defined as the structure, the way in which the photograph is constructed, is formed.

Framing is essential in photography. The frame shows a certain perspective and can be how you place certain objects and the subject within the framework. For example, when taking a photograph of a flower, you may decide to place it on the side of the frame rather than centre, thus giving a ‘different’ perspective on the appearance.

I chose to use the example of a recent photograph I took of a sunset on the highway on the Canon 5D. I was lucky to capture such beauty, as I had no tripod and was travelling in the car. Though somehow I managed to get this image.

sunsetOn the left is an example of a photograph with less composition. The image is a close up on a sunset. It simply shows an extreme close up of a scorching sun. The Photograph blocks our minds to think further about the object. Due to its limited visuals and space, we are gated to seeing what is beyond the subject, the foreground, where is this location, is there people there? All these questions raise ambiguity; yet leave the viewers confused due to its simplicity and lack of composition.

However, if we see this photograph below, we have a much more different opinion. The photograph provides a sense of location where we can see its based on a highway. The sun being placed in the centre is beautifully framed. We are allowed to see the gentle, warm beams shining around the landscape, creating this warm ambience. Finally, we are no longer gated to the information we were seeking for. The cars connote busyness, a city highway road, maybe even set in England due to the direction of travel. The key elements are now presented to the audience, where the photograph gives a better vision of atmosphere. With both detail in the foreground and depth in the background, the landscape provides an idea of discovery.

sunset highway

Editors note: All images are copyright protected, please contact me for permission.


2 thoughts on “Composition and Framing

  1. Nice article Meera! Couldn’t agree more:) Framing is such an important aspect of photography. One rule of thumb could be that any element that doesn’t contribute to the ‘story’ the picture is narrating MUST be left out of the frame.

    • Thank you very much! Framing is wonderful. I totally agree with you, whatever is unesscary should be left out. The simple, the better! Thanks for stopping by!

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