The importance of Light

Lighting is the most important part of photography. If the image is dull, dark and under-exposed, the photograph will not have a high impact, as it should do. Likewise, having an extremely bright and over-exposed photo will again look unprofessional and show lack of meaning.

Lighting covers all areas of contrast, brightness, ambience, atmosphere, quality and intensity. With that in mind, when it comes to finding light sources; there are several ways of interpreting light. For example, using artificial light, such as lamps, Dodo lights, halogen flood lights, there’s millions. Though most importantly, natural light is just as effective, if not more.

After having experimenting with beautiful white, natural light, sourcing straight from a large window from a high building, I was very pleased with the results.

These are the photographs I took with the natural lighting:

The subject itself looks vividly clear, natural and the simplicity shines through. The window in the foreground is very bright, though subtly this reflects onto the subject, creating a nice glow around her face. Thus, also making the other side slightly darker, creating a nice balance of contrast.

The natural light creates this heavy glow on one side of her face, leading it to cast a shadow on the front/rear side of her face, where the subjects face features stand out further.

I really am proud these few images produced, especially due to the use of natural lighting, as it creates more of a real feel to the image. The framing is beautiful, where both the subject and window are balanced out, creating a share of light. With the subject mostly of the right hand side, the light is bounced off her, due to the positioning and posture. Hence the natural glow and subtle shadow.

However, I have to admit that when I did take the photograph first at ‘Auto ISO’, the image was quite dark and dull. Consequently, I altered the ISO to the highest; 3200 where the brightness definitely forced out and perfectly lit my subject.


2 thoughts on “The importance of Light

  1. Beautiful pictures! I really liked the first one. Natural light flowing through window always add that special touch to pictures. Photography is painting with light. Without light there is no photography:)

    • Thank you, appreciate the kind words! The natural lighting beautifully creates that unique feel to the photo. I agree with you, the camera is the paintbrush and the world is our canvas 🙂

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