Journey captured through stills. Research

I recently found an amazing source for documentary photographers via Verve Photo’s. After browsing through several photographers, I came across a very powerful photographer, Chrisian Als. His photographs beautifully captured specific subjects in their finest form, with stunning shot types and locations.

Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 21.59.01

The photograph above captures the natural lighting in the correct time. With the beautiful ray of sun across the photo, the subject is enlightened, but also provides a sense of warm ambience. I really like how the subject is in his own gaze, to what seems to be collecting leaves and searching for something. The greenery and environmental feel is definitely enhanced by the wide shot, in which we are bombarded with bunches of trees, plants, stems, etc. The contrast between the black and green works really well, anchoring the caption ‘Indians’.

Christian Als Photography

Christian Als Photography

The large window in this photograph is mesmorising. With the gentle, summery tree out of focus in the background creates a beautiful scene. The natural lighting flowing in reinforces the neutral, mid-day atmosphere. The subject is framed in the centre where his stance seems quite fed-up yet how he could be relaxing. In particular the colours really work well, the smooth yellow from the tree, against the pure white, gives a sense of British-ness and that homely feel.

Christian Als Photography

Christian Als Photography

An ecstatic view of the painting canvas gives an eccentric feel where it definitely stands out from the rest of the location. To an extent it seems slightly over-edited, though I believe that may have been the photographers’ intention, where immediately our eyes are drawn to it first. The subject seems to be holding his own finished painting, of what he seems very proud of. Telling the whole world to look at his work and releasing its acidic colours. We can associate the subject to be artist due to his clothing stained with paint splashes and the hammer in his hand, illustrating how he has hung it up there. There is this hidden juxtaposed ideology, where the painting is framed as if it should be placed in a gallery, though is hanged on a natural tree, in the open space.  To an extent, the painter/subject is perpetuating a certain message, of how he may have been rejected in the galleries and now has made his mind up that his talent deserves a better place.

Overall, all three landscape photographs beautifully denote oblivious messages and simply connote specific journeys. The framing in particular is carefully chosen where the subjects are placed in powerful positions in order to release certain meanings. I definitely want to experiment photographs using this style and sticking to the natural lighting mood.


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