Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

This weeks photo challenge is, Escape. Sometimes there are moments where you simply want to be free, evaporate all your problems, bind away the stress and become care free. In those times, sometimes you pause for a minute, your whole life plays back to you, like a constant tape. Where you were and where you are now, a journey. The past may have been difficult, but the most important thing to remember is where have got to or the destination your are travelling to.

There are a range of things which can provide a form of escapism. A family holiday, a road trip like the photo below, a relaxing day out or even a long sit on the bench. For me, Films provide a form of escape, their engraving tails, enthralling memories, capturing journey’s in a way which are relatable yet magical.

Road trip

This photo was taken on a Family road trip. It reminded me of the word ‘Escape’ as I rmemeber the lovely blue skies in contrast with the greenery. The fast motion yet so smooth. The questionable to the fact where are we heading, excitement building up, my music complimenting the mood, with the lock of birds fliying past, a strange yet beuatiful tree which I missed to photograph – a moment to remember.


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