Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes

What a wonderful concept: The World Through Your Eyes.

There are so many photographs I could post in relation to this weeks theme, however the image below in particular caught my eye. Previously in my posts I always refer to how the world is beautiful, but you have to see it through that special eye. Photography isn’t about capturing the most stunning beach scenes or high icy mountains, It’s about capturing the meaning, the moment, the memory.

I tend to look past the obvious shots and focus on the detail. I came across a ton of decayed bricks and well some people may call it ‘a load of mess’. However, to me it was beautiful, a view I had to capture. I discovered millions of wishes living in this small dark hole. It was impeccable. 8-10 Wishes were all somehow joined on to one another, as if they were seeking for shelter. The way they naturally settled created such a powerful photograph. Likewise, the darkness brought out the pure white colour of the wishes, simply making you want to grab one. The texture became soft, calm and brought peace to the mind. And this is the beauty of the world.



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