Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

This weeks photo challenge is: One Shot, Two Ways.


An interesting challenge this week and something which most photographers encounter. Whenever capturing photographs I question myself, what is it I truly want to capture? What is the core meaning? The beautiy of it simply lies on the colour, style, ambience, subject, context etc. However, the most simple technique or question you may ask is whether you want that photograph to be portrait or Landscape.



Personally I believe this utterlly depends on what your trying to capture. If its a scene, or a wider view then landscape. However, its its a person or something tall, then portrait. However, without experienting One Shot, Two Ways, you simply will never know. I tend to take photograph both ways and then pick the best.

My pick would be the landscape, as it reveals more of setting. The cable lines nicely refine the photograph, likewise the silhouetted skyline of houses give it a homely feel. With the sunset in the centre, we’re given some warm ambience. Whereas, the portrait gives us less, leaves us with a few questions where it doesn’t feel wholesome.

Which one do you prefer?


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