From Lines to Patterns

This weeks photo challenge is about lines and patterns.

Now Lines and patterns exist everywhere and most likely in photographs. Whatever subject or object you may have captured, there would be some sort of lines or patters or curves embedded within the photograph. After experimenting with light photography, thus using a slower shutter speed and waving around a light, I managed to end up with a few surprisingly good shots. Now this was merely just for fun, but definitely a great technique to have a try of. They call it the lightbrush technique (it may also have other names).

I began with using my phone light and then went onto using a torchlight/flashlight, trying to write and draw things, attempting to create this illuminate, glowing effect.

As soon as I saw this weeks challenge, it reminded me of the photo below. It surely was a pattern and even though it may look like a scribble, it slightly looked neon and well, fascinating.

with watermark light


2 thoughts on “From Lines to Patterns

    • Thank you very much, glad you like it. Indeed, with some creativeness and practice, the technique can result in some worthwhile photographs.

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