Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

Last week’s photo challenge was all about looking through the Window.

Windows can literally mean anything. By that I mean, it could be a car window, a house window, a shop window or even a bus window. Windows provide a unique view, whether its looking at a wonderful landscape, or people in the city, or just a still garden, every window has something for the eyes to look at. Likewise, windows give out natural lighting depending on whereabouts this window is and/or how it is designed.


I took this photograph on the sleeper train to Mumbai. The train itself was a different experience, thus being the first time I had ever been on a ‘sleeper‘ train – meaning there were compartments instead of seats. The journey was around 12 hours, therefore this type of transport made sense to take. It was definitely a great experience like I said, but compared to others I actually found it difficult to sleep. The night journey was quite boring, luckily I had my notebook which I started doodling in…though with the lights going off, it was daunting. Having said that, as the morning began, daylight crept through and thankfully I was clicking away with my camera!

Anyway, with regards to the photograph, I wanted to capture the rails in focus rather than the exterior. This literally composed the shot to suggest how it may have been in India. The rails itself particularly divided the shot, providing an unbalanced feeling, thus a sense of moving image reflecting on the moving train. On the journey I had passed some beautiful locations of multicoloured buildings, a large river etc. But it was mostly greenery and quite a few palm trees as you can see. I kept the shutter speed quite high, as it was handheld plus the train was quite shaky.

As the morning went by, we came to several stops, where through the rails we were offered takeaway ‘breakfast’. These young kids with hot food wrapped in newspapers were eager to fill everyones stomachs.

The sleeper train was just one experience, I had to travel to a few places using the normal trains – which were a nightmare, as their literally was no space to sit/stand and the heat was at its highest. My family member who was guiding us around deliberately didn’t take us to the ‘local’ trains (thankfully), as from the platform you could see people literally hanging out of the train. Imagine getting in and out of one of these.

Whilst being in the normal train, there were a few ‘nearby’ falls and quite a few pushes. It was quite scary, with all the men staring at us ‘tourists’ and just not looking away. To be honest, it was intimidating and somehow you could sense their looks were not in a pleasant manner. Even with those sly smiles, I tried not to give eye contact and relentlessly stared at the ‘women helpline plaques’. But I guess, in some parts of the City thats what your going to get and you have to deal with it. Dangerous as it is, I was happy to be with my family at all times, giving that extra insurance. It was a great experience and something I will never forget.


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